Its packs have been specially designed to reconnect you to your inner self.

The convergence of Lucie’s healing songs, Eddy’s celestial melodies and my hypno-meditation is the source of the alchemy that allows you to access your inner voice and find your own way! 

Have you ever wondered if there was a program for living better and striving for happiness, just like learning a job or the rules of life in society?  It is unlikely that there is not.

Throughout our education, since our birth, we are taught to count, to read, to behave… but we are not taught to think for ourselves. We are not taught to develop our creativity, which is the reflection of our personality, the origin of our development. Without change, we always function with the same modus operandi and tirelessly repeat the same mistakes. We don’t get out of these patterns, since we don’t know any other.

If you feel a lack in any area of your life, it is because your choices are not aligned with your deepest self and your aspirations. You are simply cut off from your creative power. Reconnecting to your true self will allow you to regain control and will profoundly change your life. You will find pleasure in what you do, but also in who you are, because you will be guided to make the right decisions.

We always have the choice to suffer or to choose!

Hypno-mediation packs allow you to reconnect with your deepest self, and free you from old limiting patterns, in order to bring you serenity and open you to your own field of possibilities. All the answers are within you.

If you want to improve your life, you must necessarily change the way you look at yourself and access your own reality. Thus, adopting the right decisions for you, will be an evidence which will facilitate the decisions and the acts which you will take.


The Self-Esteem audio will allow you to :

Reconcile parts of yourself

Release false beliefs to make room for your inner self

Facilitate relationships with others

Learn to love yourself


The Regeneration audio will allow you to :

Establish calm and tranquillity

Soothe anxieties and promote sleep

Recondition the natural sleep cycle

Reactivate your vital energy and your concentration


The self-confidence audio will allow you to :

Regenerate your power of creativity

Develop your resilience

Energize your projects and life goals

Activate your desire for action

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