What is Evolutionary Hypnosis?

How is it different from other approaches ?

Far from the image conveyed by the media, hypnosis is respectful, gentle and secure while being very deep. The subject remembers most of the session.

 Evolutionary hypnosis is an approach in the same way as Ericksonian hypnosis or classical hypnosis but which differs in the way of using an amplified state of consciousness and, above all, in the very way of facilitating change in the client. Evolutionary hypnosis does not simply make symptoms disappear.

It’s an innovative approach that uses life’s challenges as springboards for growth. This practice includes the psychological, behavioral, emotional and spiritual dimension.

It is a very interactive hypnosis with the practitioner during the session. This discipline respects a process where changes are made in full awareness and in which the subject plays an active role in creating the change he wants. It is therefore not a question of simply “lying down and listening to the practitioner speak” but of working to surpass oneself and grow.

Evolutionary hypnosis is based on scientific  foundations and spiritual foundations.


Discoveries in neuroscience, quantum physics, epigenetics and even energy psychology are at the very heart of interventions with clients. The existence of the quantum field allows new interventions. In epigenetics we understand how changes in our beliefs and emotions influence even the expression of our genes. In addition, we are privileged to be able to count on the collaboration of Dr. Mario Beauregard, an internationally renowned neuroscientist, who revised and validated the principles taught.



Evolutionary hypnosis also incorporates certain concepts of non-dogmatic spirituality, outside of any religious movement. 

Evolutionary hypnosis is a work of widening our field of consciousness because, to evolve, we must necessarily access new knowledge, carry out new learning, understand how our mind works.

Evolutionary hypnosis is therefore not a simple maneuver of “deprogramming and reprogramming” our unconscious. If we just deprogram and reprogram, we are not evolving! To evolve, we must play an active role, learn new information and translate it into concrete actions.

Any negative experience has the potential to be transmuted into a positive growth experience. Authors Richard G. Tedeshi and Lawrence G. Calhoun, creators of the term “post-traumatic growth” demonstrate that some individuals who have experienced severe trauma have demonstrated the possibility of growing through their negative experiences.

In this perspective, none of the challenges that present themselves to us, on our path of Life, exceeds our capacity to manage it and to extract learning from it. Everything we need to be successful in life is inside of us.

So, very humbly and with kindness, I accompany you in the respect of professional secrecy so that you can freely express your problems and find your own resources.







"The longest way to go is the one that leads from our head to our heart."

C.G. Jung